3-5 November 2024
Congress Hall, CCI Turkmenistan Building
Chandybil Street, Ashgabat - Türkmenistan

About Turkmen Energetika Exhibition

 As one of the biggest energy and electricity industry shows in CIS, Turkmen Energetika 2019 reached 99 exhibitors from 11 countries including 68 local exhibitors and covered 12500 sq. exhibition space.  

 Exhibition attracted 3745 trade visitors from different regions of Turkmenistan in three days.   

Turkish and Russian national pavilions were the largest ones in the exhibition and several European energy brands had attractive stands in the during the exhibition.    

Opening ceremony was attended by Ambassadors, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers, President of Chamber of Commerce, Directors of State Energy Companies and Directors of largest contractor companies in Turkmenistan.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan
Net Organization
Turkmenistan Economy

The development of the economy of Turkmenistan is carried out based on the national and state programs designed for the short and long-term periods. Today, Turkmenistan has a diversified, multifunctional economy  represented by enterprises of the electric power industry, chemical, petrochemical industries, oil and gas production, oil refining industries, mechanical engineering and metal-processing, facilities for the production of building materials, light and food industries. It is planned to allocate more than 240 billion manats for the socio-economic development of the country in 2018-2024.

In recent years, traditional industries have developed significantly: the oil and gas complex, power generation, agriculture, construction, transport and communications. At the same time, work is underway to form new sectors of the economy: the chemical industry, the textile industry, the construction materials industry, telecommunications and other high-tech areas.

The share of foreign investments in the Turkmen economy is steadily growing from year to year, and the number of joint ventures is increasing. Turkmenistan is interested in projects for the outputting of its energy resources in the European direction. Simultaneously with the geographical one, the structural diversification of the energy sector of Turkmenistan is being consistently carried out through the creation of new, primarily processing industries based on hydrocarbon raw materials. Taking into account the unique geographical location of this region, Turkmenistan pays attention to the joint implementation of international transport projects in Central Asia and the Caspian basin area.

The energy system of Turkmenistan is connected with the combined energy system of Central Asia and is capable of exporting significant volumes of electricity to Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan and other countries of the region. The potential of the country's energy industry is constantly increasing: new power plants and power lines are being built, and existing energy facilities are being reconstructed and modernized. By 2024, the total volume of electricity produced in the country will be increased to 33 billion kilowatt-hours.